How long will it take us to run out of water if we do not conserve it?



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    We will never run out of water because the water cycle is in no danger of shutting down (water will still evaporate from the ocean, condense into clouds and rain back to earth). The danger is that since demand for water is growing (from both people and agriculture) if we don’t find ways to use it more efficiently, soon we will need more water than the rain provides.

    The situation is made worse because right now our water supply includes water pumped up from aquafers (giant underground lakes), and rivers fed by melting glaciers (especially those of the Himalayas). Both these sources will likely go away in the future, as the glaciers completely melt and the underground lakes are pumped dry, which means we will have less water each year to provide even more people with drinking water and irrigate the crops they need to feed themselves.

    In india, so much water is being pumped out of aquifers that gravity sensing satellites were able to measure the loss. From 2002-2008 Northern India lost a net of 26 cubic MILES of water. [citation 1]

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