How long will it take the United States to double its population?



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    The US will double its population in about 65 years if the current growth rate stays roughly constant.

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    The United States has doubled in population once since the 1900 census, which listed a little over 76 million citizens.  The current population is now around 280 million, with an average growth rate of about fourteen percent, or between 10-30 million every decade.  To double the population to 560 million will take around a hundred and forty years.

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    This question assumes that the United States will continue to grow in population for the next century.  As many nations becomes industrialized, their population growth begins to slow.  This is because once an economy is stable with advanced medicine, it is no longer necessary for families to have more than 2 children.  Industrialized countries all show a dropping rate of children per mother, with that rate generally falling below 2 children per mother.  United States citizens are having less children and will not contribute to our population doubling, although we cannot predict future immigration rates.

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    The present US population estimate is 308 million, not 280 million (that’s from the 2000 census).

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