How long will it take China to provide everyone in their country with green energy?



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    Currently, China only generates about 6.06% of its energy from green sources. Most of that (6%) is from hydroelectric sources, China only has 0.06% of its electricity generated from renewable sources. Arguably nuclear and natural gas are cleaner forms of energy than fossil fuel burning, if you are willing to include those as “green” options, China generates about 10% of it’s energy from “green” sources. The remaining 90% is generated by fossil fuel burning, 70% from coal and 20% from oil.

    With current anticipated growth rates, China’s population is expected to peak in 2030, at around 1.4 billion people (up 100 million from today’s 1.3 billion). China is already beginning to invest in solar projects and other green sources, so it looks like they recognize the need for change. The problem is that they are so populous and so bureaucratic, change comes slowly and painfully, even more so than in the US. It is likely that China may still be using some dirty fuel sources by the end of the century, but it is really hard to say. It depends on how much pressure is put on them by the world community and by their citizens.

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