How long will it take a cell phone to charge from a solar powered charger?



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    There are many different models of solar powered cell phone chargers, so I suggest you read up and figure out which one may be best for you. Solio is a popular brand, and they estimate that an hour of sunlight will give your phone four days worth of standby and about ten minutes of talking. In this reviewer’s test, they actually found that 45 minutes in the sun gave enough power for a 20-minute phone call, so there’s no set time. This should give you a good idea of what’s in the ballpark in terms of solar chargers’ capabilities.

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    It depends on the make, but one more popular charger is made by Solio.  It takes about 8-10 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge a cell phone.  On cloudier days, or in regions of the world where it doesn’t get as sunny, it can be harder to use.  Some people believe a lot of solar powered chargers are over-priced.  One alternative is to make your own solar charger.  This can be fun if you find the right materials – there are directions on  I’ve attached some links about some solar chargers you can find online.

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