How long will the effects of the oil spill last?



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    It is still largely unknown.  One reason for that is because the oil is still spilling.  However, it will obviously have VERY long-term effects. Oil is in the water, on the shores, and is covering and being ingested by wildlife.  This pollution mixed with the immense amount of pollution that is already coming from the Mississippi river ( aka: Cancer Alley) will clearly have unprecedented effects on Gulf ecosystem. 

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    The Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, in 1989 is still having effects on the ecosystem there today. While most of the wildlife is back and thriving again, there are still some populations that are low and areas that have oil residue.

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    The clean up will last 35 and one half years. We will have to let the oil run untill the earth’s pressure declines to 0, then the leaking will stop. Until then we have to suck up and clean up oil.

    We could spin an iceberg to create a spiral in the water of oily water and this would make it easier to contain and clean up the oil.

    The spinning iceberg would also cool the waters down some.





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    it will take at least three years

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