How long will the batteries in Electric Vehicles be good for?



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    The number I keep hearing is eight years. That’s the number the article below mentions in conjunction with Nickle-Metal Hydride batteries. That’s also how long the Chevy Volt’s battery warrenty is for: eight years and 100,000 miles for their lithium ion battery. They say it should last longer than that, however.

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    It depends – some of the forerunners in electric vehicle production have battery warranties for 8 years or 100,000 miles, like Nissan Leaf, but it is actually expected that lithium ion batteries will last for more like 180,000 miles, according to recent studies.

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    EV manufacturers claim that the batteries should last the life of the car, though obviously that will vary based on the driver. The problem also may not be how long the battery lasts but how long it will keep holding a good charge. Rechargeable lithium batteries do lose steam over time, and the more you drive and the more aggressively you drive, the faster they will wear out. While they are under warranty, the warranty only covers loss of charge that is considered abnormal.


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