How long is too long of a commute to cycle to work?



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    I would say that it depends on the individual person and what kind of physical shape their in. As a regular biker, I’m in pretty good shape, but 30 minutes each way is the limit for me (I actually prefer 15-20). You will want to take into consideration the fact that you will probably be tired after work. My other recommendation is to make sure that you eat healthy (something that will stick to your bones like oatmeal and fruit in the morning and natural peanut butter with celery or apple in the afternoon/evening)) before you bike each way and drink lots of water, you’ll be glad you did. If  your commute is longer than 30 min, check into seeing if your public transportation or shuttle system has bike racks, so you can get a ride at least part of the way.

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    Another thing to consider is how sweaty you may get on the way to work. Some work places have showers and gyms in the building (I worked at a law firm that did), so cycling to work would be no problem there. Other places may not have that option, so if the commute is longer, you may increase your chances of being uncomfortable during the day. Or you could just make sure you pack a change of clothes and toiletries. 

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    A long commute with a bicycle would be about 3 hours or more. Commuting to work should take at least 2 hours or less; any more than that would be too much of a hassle to get to work. Bicycling to work is always a good idea because of the benefits that it brings. Bicycling can cancel out a car emission and save carbon dioxide from going out into our environment. Bicycing can also improve our health benefits alot more if we are constant cyclers. Either way, bicycling to work is a great option and a great sustainable lifestyle we must always consider. Biking with work

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    Kudos to jchang14 for being so optimistic. However, I agree with nellieliz4. 30 minutes is pretty much the maximum for me, too. If you go 20 mph, this can get you 10 miles. Having a good bicycle and being in shape is important for commuting. If you start with a good bicycle, the commute may take you a little longer at the start, but then you can gradually reduce your time as you build more muscle.

    Personally, I would not be willing to commute more than 15 minutes by car because car commuting cuts into one’s time for doing everything else in life. However, if I was taking public transportation, I would not mind traveling for 45 minutes or more because I could catch up on my reading while on the bus/train. I like traveling by train because I can take something along with me and do it while I ride.

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