How long should I leave my compost before I use it?



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    It depends on how much you’re composting, what you’re composting, and how often you turn your compost. You’ll want a good mix of “greens” and “browns”, and you don’t want there to be a lot of material that decomposes slowly. More material, of course, means that it takes more time to break down. Turning every 2 to 4 weeks will produce usable compost faster. So, if you’re turning about every 2 weeks (no less than that, though, for the bacteria’s sake) and it’s not wintertime, you’ll have some usable compost in about 3 months.

    This does not mean that everything you’ve composted will be ready. Composting is a continuing process, and you add materials to your bin all the time. The newer material added to the bin won’t be ready, but by three months you will have a sizeable layer of compost you can scoop out and use.

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