How long is the season for river rafting usually last?



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    My brother-in-law has been guiding river trips for the past 15 years, along with being a river ranger on the middle fork of the Salmon river.  According to him, the Idaho rafting season usually lasts from June until September.  The Grand Canyon/ Utah season goes from March until November.  Basically it comes down to the climate, the river, and the particular weather that year.  Therefore, the season will vary from place to place and year to year.

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    River rafting season depends on the area’s climate, and the rainfall that it gets each year. The Kern River in southern California runs from late April-early September, while northern California rivers like the American, Merced, and Tuolumne Rivers run from April-June or July. West Virginia enjoys a similar season, lasting through late fall. Some rivers in Texas enjoy a year-round season, due to high desert temperatures. 

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