How long is an opened bottled water good for?



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    You should drink bottled water within two weeks of opening it.  After this, the water can start to grow bacteria and algae.  Before you open bottled water, though, it stays good indefinitely although it may develop a slight plastic taste.

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    Bottled drinking water once opened should be consumed within roughly two weeks. After this time period the water may start to grow potentially harmful bacteria and algae. During the packaging process, bottled water may be exposed to ozonation or ultra-violet light in order to sterilize it. Tap water on the other hand is exposed to chlorine and/or fluoride treatments in order to kill any hazardous microorganisms.

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    Never – bottled water is bad for you and the environment!

    Go with tap water. Buy a water filter. Local water is great unless you have serious concerns about your local water supply – valid concerns that are supported by information from your local water agency.

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