How long is it until you die after a taipan bite? How long does it take for you to die after a berg adder bite?



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    Paralysis or symptoms of envenoming from a taipan bite can take several hours to manifest, and fatality might not occur until several hours thereafter.  Berg Adder bites are potentially lethal, but fatality rates for this snakebite are much lower than those of the taipan snake. 

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    The average venom yield of a taipan is 44mg, with 100 mg being the largest recorded. The venom of a taipan is 200-400 times more toxic than most rattlesnakes and 50 times as toxic as a cobra It has a neurotoxic venom that can kill an adult human in 45 minutes. The venom of a Berg adder isn’t as lethal as a taipan’s but it contains neurotoxic venom which affects the ocular nerves. This can cause temporary blindness, usually lasting from 4 to 5 days, but has been known to last up to 3 weeks in severe cases. 

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