How long have we been using the lithium ion batteries for electric cars?



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    Though the lithium-ion battery has been around since 1991, their usage in cars is a relatively new thing.  Lithium ion batteries began being used in new electric and hybrid car models in 2009.  Much speculation exists about long these batteries will be a relevant technology.  Innovations in battery technology are threatening the relevance of lithium ion car batteries due to the batteries short shelf life, working life (only about 10 years), and high cost.

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    The lithium ion battery in it’s current form was first created in 1985. The first electric cars using lithium ion batteries were produced by GM. In 1988 GM began research on a zero emissions electric car and produced a prototype for the EV1 in 1991. The first GM EV1s were mass produced and sold in 1996.

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