How long have we been using geothermal energy for electricity?



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    It is thought that humans began using geothermal energy more than 10,000 years ago. However, geothermal energy was used to make electricity for the first time in 1921. In what is now Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, John D. Grant drilled into a geyser in an attempt to use it to make electricity, and was unsuccessful his first time but succeeded a year later.

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    Human use of geothermal began thousands of years ago with native indians using hot springs as a source of warmth and healing. As years went by, the potential of geothermal was being discovered. In 1892, the first district heating system was developed and was powered from hot water pumped from the springs in pipes. In 1921, the first geothermal power plant was built providing electricity for a nearby streets and buildings. Today, geothermal energy is still growing and we continue to research best practices in harnessing its full potential.

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