How long have we been eating acorns?



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    Acorns were a staple food for ancient Greeks and other cultures across Europe, North America, and Asia. So, its been a few thousand years.

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    Human consumption of acorns is recorded at 2000 years ago by poorer communities of the ancient Greeks, and evidence of acorns with possible edible uses go back as far as 9500 BC in the Neolithic Age. Acorns have had an important role in sustaining people during bad harvests and famines. Apparently you can make an unpalatable bread from acorns that is only welcomed when suffering extreme hunger.

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    The Tongva people, the ancient peoples of today’s Los Angeles valley, relied on acorn as a food staple while living a hunter-gatherer existance. They were able to collect acorns for use to make into meal and mush. They existed this way prior to contact by Europeans in the 1500’s, and so the extent of this habit is not known for sure. 


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    If you’re asking about Europeans, the answer is all the way back to the last ice age.

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