How long have silver back gorillas been endangered?



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    There are two subspecies of gorilla, the Mountain Gorilla or Eastern Gorilla (male Mountain Gorillas are referred to as Silverbacks) and the Lowland Gorilla. Both are on the endangered species list. They have both been in the endangered species list since 2000. 

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    Silverbacks are male Mountain Gorillas, a subspecies of Gorilla beringei. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species lists it as endangered. Apparently, the gorillas were relatively protected until the 1960s. Then, civil war erupted and protection vanished. In the 70s, an international consortium established the Mountain Gorilla Project. Gorilla tourism, which the Gorilla Project established, helped shift public attitudes toward the animals. In the 90s civil war erupted again and, to this day, gorilla protection at parks isn’t what it once was.

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