How long have people been sailing on the oceans?



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    According to Bill Biega, the first Pacific Ocean crossings occurred about 5000 years ago by Austronesian peoples who spread out from Taiwan or the Malaysian area throughout the islands of the Pacific Ocean and even westward toward Madagascar.

    “It has become clear that by 2500 years ago the peoples of Oceania had acquired the ability to build seaworthy outrigger canoes and to navigate thousands of miles using the stars, ocean currents and swells.”

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    Since the Pleistocene Age. One of the most significant finds in the history of archaeology is the discovery that hominins of more than 850 000 years ago managed to cross the sea to colonise a number of Indonesian islands. Nusa Tenggara, the islands east of Bali, have never been connected to either Asia or Australia, but they were found to have been occupied by Homo erectus as well as by several endemic species of Stegodonts (extinct elephants) early in the Ice Age. Until the last decade, it had been assumed that the first sea crossings occurred no more than 60 000 years ago. These crossings of several sea barriers involved the use of watercraft, because sea straits cannot be crossed without propellant, so this was the first time in human history that our ancestors entrusted their destiny to a contraption designed to harness the energies of nature.

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