How long has Spain been leading the way in Solar energy?



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    As far as I see, the title of the leader is disputed with Germany. Based on a report by Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) on alternative energy production, as of the end of 2008, Germany was ahead of Spain with 5,400 MW vs. 3,300 MW. of solar panel capacity. Germany has been adding over 500 MW a year (growing every year) since at least 2004, while Spain only did that starting with 2007. The only category in which Spain can beat Germany is the total number of solar panel capacity added in 2008: 2600 MW vs. 1500 MW.
    I also checked out the most recent information that REN21 has on these two countries as well as data on other solar power technologies. Here are the resutls:
    Spain: 3,368 MW of photovoltaics (2008); 81 MW operating, 839 MW under construction of concentrating solar, 2,083 MW in development (2009); 1,024 MW unglazed and glazed solar water heating, 0.988 MW glazed alone (2009).
    Germany: 5,311 MW of photovoltaics (2008); 1.5 MW concentrating solar (2008); 7,921 MW unglazed and glazed solar water heating, 7,766 MW glazed alone (2008).
    Based on this, Germany is leading in solar heating while Spain does in concentrating solar. As for photovoltaics, latest data might show Spain getting ahead in total capacity and may be considered to be leading in solar panels growth since only 2008.

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