How long has corn ethanol been produced?



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    Corn Ethanol has been produced since the 15th century in Scotland but has not always been used as fuel…not for cars at least. Corn Ethanol has another name that you may be familiar with: Moonshine. The illegal liquor and the fuel additive are identical in structure and can be made in the same way. But, I’m sure you are wondering about it’s use in automobiles. In 1908, the first Model T actually ran on ethanol corn alcohol for fuel energy. The grain alcohol has been used ever since then in various mixtures with other fuels. Ethanol was not used much between the 40’s and 70’s because of the cheap cost of gasoline. The prevalence of Ethanol in mass marketed gasoline really started showing up in 2003, starting in California. Since then, we have seen a huge rise in the use of corn based ethanol and its use in cars. We even have “Flex fuel” cars now that can run on up to 85% ethanol.

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