How long has BPA been in our products?



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    BPA has been used to make plastics since the 1960s. It was first developed in 1891 and was used as a synthetic estrogen in the 1930s.

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    It was invented in 1891 and wasn’t used till the 1930s as a pharmaceutical hormone. 

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    BPA was first created by a German scientist, with the results published in 1905. Despite the discovery, he did not suggest any applications for his new product. In 1953, a different German scientist and an American scientist both independently came up with a way to use BPA to create a new plastic material called polycarbonate, with many practical uses. Four years later, in 1957, America started producing polycarbonate products commercially, with Europe following suit a year later. Epoxy resins, also containing BPA, were developed and produced commercially during the 1950’s as well. BPA has been around for over 100 years, but has been a strong component of our commercially produced products for more than 50 years, a long time!

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