How long does the process of a lake turning over take?



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    Lake turnover is a seasonal process that takes place gradually throughout the spring and fall months. It occurs when the “layers” of water in a lake change temperature, so I think the duration of the process is dependent on the speed at which these layers change temperature. When water is at 39 degrees F (or 4 degrees C), it is at its most dense. As autumn sets in, wind blowing across the surface of a lake cools the water, lowering its temperature and increasing its density. As a result, this water will start sinking to the bottom and mixing occurs throughout the lake, thereby eliminating the “layers” and settling at a uniform temperature. The opposite happens in the spring, when ice melts at the top and sinks to the bottom as the water warms.

    In short, I would say it depends on how long it takes the water temperature to change in the lake.

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