How long does it take worms to make babies?



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    The cycle varies depending on what kind of worm, but earthworms, for example, do not take very long to reproduce. The reproductive process itself is only momentary, but begining when a worm is about 4-6 weeks old it will begin to sexually mature and form a white band around its head called a clitellum. The clitellum is where the reproductive organs exist. Worms are actually hermaphrodites, so they have both female and male reproductive parts. They reproduce sexually, meaning they need another worm to reproduce. Once they find another worm they line up in opposite directions and their clitellums join. Then sperm passes from one worm to the other and is stored in sacs until a cocoon forms on the clitellum. Each worm has the cacoon which contains one to five worms, which are very senstive to environmental conditions. It has to be dry otherwise the cocoons can be dormant for years until the conditions are correct. Once born the babies take 4-6 weeks to mature and then the whole process starts again. 

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    Worms have both male a female parts, but mate in pairs. They produce a cocoon which contains the sperm and egg and then burry it into the ground. After two to four weeks, a worm is born. 


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