How long does it take for us to observe a supernova after a star dies?



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    This depends entirely on how far away the star is. Our visual apprehension of all universal events is limited by Planck’s Constant, or c, which epresents the speed of light in a vaccuum. So a start 10000 light years away, if it went supernova, would take 10000 years for use to be able to see it.

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    The transformation from a dying star to a supernova takes less than a few seconds. The star collapses and releases more energy in a single explosion than it puts out over the course its lifetime. So, if our Sun had enough mass to go supernova, it would happen almost instantly once all its energy had been used. 

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    A supernova occurs suddenly and takes about one hundred seconds to manifest. After this initial explosion, the star becomes up to one million times brighter for a few weeks. Your ability to view a supernova depends on how far it is from you. You can see a supernova unaided by telescope, if it’s no more than three million light years away and there are no clouds or dust particles obscuring the view.

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      If a star is brighter for a few weeks, then why do we on earth see it for a long time more than that? Like the Helix Nebula–haven’t we been able to see that for hundreds of years?

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