how long does it take trash to decompose




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    There are multiple factors in this question.  A styrofoam cup can take upwards of 400 years to decompose.  This is why there has been a push to limit or remove styrofoam.  Polyethylene can begin to decompse in a matter of weeks.  Metal is still being found from the civil and revolutionary wars.  As well as glass from centuries ago.

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    It depends very much on the type of trash.  Of course plastics, metals and glass will take much longer to decompose than paper and organic materials.  However all materials will take longer to decompose in a landfill than they would in the open environment.  Landfills are designed to entomb materials in an inert system, where decomposition is not encouraged, and so even organic materials will take a much longer time to decompose in a landfill.  This is why we see examples of newspapers that were buried in landfills decades ago, yet are still legible.

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