How long does it take a tide cycle to complete?



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     A full tide cycle takes 24 hours and 52 minutes to complete. During this span of time every point on the earth’s surface experiences two high tides and two low tides. This is due to the orbit and rotation of the moon relative to the earth’s movement. The cycle starts with the high tide and then the tide recedes during the ebb tide for 6 hours and 13 minutes. At that point it reaches the minimum which is called the low tide. Then the flood tide makes the tides rise for the next 6 hours and 13 minutes until in repeats again starting at the high tide. The flow of tides is very connected to the 28 day lunar cycle. Each day of the month will have a different type of tide based on what phase the moon is currently in. For example the neap tide occurs at the quarter moon phase, while the spring tide occurs during new moon and the full moon. To learn about these complicated cycles go here,

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