How long does it take a single bee to make honey



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    A single bee cannot produce honey on its own.  It takes an entire hive to make honey.  For a hive to produce honey it needs a queen, thousands of worker honey bees, and some drones to keep the whole colony happy.  The forager bees feed the hive, a number of bees fan fresh air in the hive, swarms fly out each spring, and all of this leads to new wax and honey stored in a hive.

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    So let’s look at some numbers.  The average lifespan of a worker bee is close to five weeks, more or less depending on region and season.  Now, an average worker bee produces about 1/12 of a teaspoon over the course of their lifetime.  So, the rate of honey production for an individual worker honey bee would be between 1/10 teaspoon – 1/15 teaspoon a month.

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    A single bee cannot make honey -it’s a group effort! Honey is modified nectar from flowers.  One bee brings the nectar back to the hive and gives it to another bee, who puts it inside a honeycomb. In order to transform nectar into honey, it has to be dried. Many bees work together to do this, both by flapping their wings to fan it and by eating and barfing it up over and over again!

    I can’t find how long it takes them make a significant amount of honey, but I’d imagine it’s quite awhile. Why? Because each bee only brings back a single drop of nectar -about 40 milligrams- at a time!

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