How long does it take river rocks to get smooth?



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    This question is a popular one, it’s popped up a couple times before. Here’s an answer from a while back:

    As the answer states, river rocks are worn down more by the silt, sediments, and smaller stones carried by the water than the water itself. This process can take years, depending on the speed and flood patterns of the river, and the amount and size of sediment present in its water.

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    It really depends on several factors. It depends on the type of rock that is being smoothed down, if the rock is made of minerals that are soft this process will take less time. Also it depends on the structure of the rock, some rocks composed of sheets of minerals and have cleavage planes while some may have more jagged cleavage so therefore are less likely to round.  Additionally, it depends on the velocity of the water as well as the amount of suspended sediments increasing in these will tend to degrade the rocks faster.

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