How long does it take to replace electric batteries in EV’s?



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    That depends on the vehicle, the battery, the manufacturer, and the dealership that’s doing the replacement. Battery packs in hybrids generally don’t need to be replaced very often–most dealer specs boast they can go about 200,000 miles before needing work–but some do break down. The vast majority of battery replacements have to be done through the dealership that sold the car in the first place because parts must be ordered from the manufacturer. In one case study I found involving a Toyota Prius, an owner was told by a dealership that it would take 45 days to replace her battery, and would cost almost $6,000. In that case the owner went to the Toyota company directly and eventually got her battery replaced in about two weeks for $3,000. There is talk of building electric vehicles that can swap battery packs easily at commercial exchange facilities, but cars that can do this are still on the drawing board.

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