How long does it take people to climb up Everest?



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         The records for the fastest ascent are:

    • Ascent over the northeast ridge (10km), without oxygen: Christian Stengl, 16 hours, 42 minutes
    • Ascent over the southeast ridge (17km), with oxygen: Pemba Dorjie Sherpa, 8h 10min
    • Ascent over the southeast ridge, without oxygen: Marc Batard, 22h 30min


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    It is estimated that the entire trip, from when you leave your home until you arrive back again, takes about two and a half months. This estimate includes buying supplies, arranging travel visas, and adjusting to the high altitudes at base camp. However on average, it takes a climber about 4 days to reach the top of Mount Everest from base camp (and then probably about equal time to get down again). There are a total of 15 different routes that you can take to reach the summit, with varying distances and therefore time estimates.

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