How long does it take for one discarded cigarette butt to biograde



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    Cigarette butts never fully decompose, some studies show that one butt can take as long as twelve years to degrade, however the acetate present in the filters never fully decomposes.  The butts degrade to a point where they can be blown into air or water currents to pollute local water sources.  With between 28 and 33% of United States trash consisting of cigarette butts, this is a huge problem.

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    Scientists are attempting to create a biodegradable butt that is made of food grade starch (found in potatoes and rice) that are supposed to decompose within two months.   This will hopefully help reduce the 500,000 tons of pollution created each year from cigarette butts.  However, smokers have to realize that even with this biodegradable butt they still should not discard their cigarettes on the road or in gutters, so although this new invention could provide an advancement in reducing the pollution, there is still much more we can do.  

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