How long does it take a moose to grow antlers?



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    Moose, as well as caribou and reindeer, grow antlers to full size and then shed them in yearly cycles.

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    Antlers are good signs of the health of a moose.  Female moose also use these to pick mates.  They take approximately 3-4 months to grow and start off as little emerging bones covered in velvet.  This is incredibly fast considerign the size of the antlers and makes them one of the fastest growing tissues.

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    Moose and other similar animals like caribou, mule, and white-tail deer lose their antlers every winter. When they do regrow them, it surprisingly only takes about 3-4 months before they have a mature set. They begin as growths of bone covered by skin and hair, but the skin dies off and begins to peel once they are full-grown. The moose (and other animals) will rub against trees to get the rest of peeling skin off, leaving only the large antlers.

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    Antlers are the fastest growing bone in the world and a bull moose’s antlers can reach almost 7 feet in diameter and weigh over 60 lbs. 

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