How long does it take kitty litter to degrade?



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    Most kitty litter contains a mined compound known as bentonite.  This ore doesn’t degrade, so if kitty litter is dumped, it just sits in a landfill taking up space.  To avoid adding to the landfill nightmare, an alternative, more eco-friendly kitty litter made from wheat is made my Swheat Scoop.  To see more about this new alternative, follow the link –>

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    It depends on the type, but there are extreme problems with degradation of the most common types of cat litter which are the kinds that “clump.” The “clumps” do not degrade at all and instead slowly sink into the soil. The problem is worse if the litter contains chemicals or scents, which, like any other chemicals, can leach into groundwater. Over 2 million tons of cat litter is thrown into landfills every year in the United States. There are also problems with kitty litter unrelated to what happens when you throw it away–for instance, clay-based litter comes from material that is extracted by strip mining, which is very wasteful and harmful to the environment. Some companies and activists are recommending more green ways to get rid of your cat’s wastes–some as simple as using recycled newspaper–though whether cats themselves can be persuaded to change their behavior for the sake of environmental responsibility is a very large question indeed.

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