How long does it take humans to lose their baby teeth?



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    Children typically begin to lose their baby teeth at the age of 6 or 7, although some may start losing them a year or more earlier or later than this age.  While girls tend to lose their teeth earlier than do boys, both sexes will typically lose all of their baby teeth by age 12 or 13. 

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    Baby teeth fall out at the rate at which their roots dissolve. Different children lose their baby teeth at different rates. Though most children begin to lose teeth at age 5-7, some will begin as early as 4, and some, as late as 8. (Generally, kids whose baby teeth grew in earlier will lose teeth earlier as well). Likewise, some children may lose all their teeth by age 9, and others, by age 13. Overall, the average time it takes a child to lose his baby teeth is about 4-6 years.

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    Baby teeth can start falling out as early as age 5 and as late as age 7. The last baby tooth falls out from ages 12 to 13. The younger they are then the teeth come in, generally translates to being younger when they fall out. The entire process can therefore take about 6 years.

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    My son is 13 and still hasn’t lost all his baby teeth and we ended having to pull some to make room for his other adult teeth.  The ages are just averages, so as long as your children are seeing their dentist regularly and everything else is fine, they will lose them when it’s time for them. 

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