How long does it take green house gases to get into the ozone layer and for us to start feeling a difference?



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    Greenhouse gases are always in our atmosphere and are vital to keeping our planet warm. Ozone is actually one of many greenhouse gases – including also: water vapor, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. The problem with greenhouse gases occurs when too much of them are pumped into our atmosphere. For example, carbon dioxide in the air is usually absorbed by plants and other components of the Earth. But humans are pumping too much CO2 into the air, through the burning of fossil fuels, for the planet to absorb. So instead the CO2 piles up in the air and contributes to warming the planet.

    The difference occurs over extended periods of time and the effects are not felt immediately. The ten hottest years ever recorded were recorded in the past twelve years. This suggests a rising trend in the planet’s overall temperature and explains why arctic ice is melting and why sea levels are slowly rising.

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