How long does it take green house gases to start to eat the ozone?



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    Ozone hole depletion is caused by the existence of chlorine containing source gases, such as CFC’s (Chloroflurocarbons) and related halocarbons. Chlorine atoms, which are created by the breaking down of these chlorine based chemicals lead to ozone depletion. However, since the banning of CFC’s in 1987 by the Montreal Protocol, nitrous oxide has become the greatest ozone-depleting substance. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas. Rather than create a “hole”, nitrous oxide leads to the thinning of the hole. A time scale is not available for it is a slow process, however it can remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

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    Greenhouse gases actually don’t eat the ozone. Greenhouse gases act as sort of a layer of insulation, keeping the planet at mild temperatures for life to exist. However, we are creating an excessive amount of them, making life a little too warm, so to speak.

    The ozone layer, on the other hand, is also a natural layer of gas, but it acts as a means to protect us from harmful rays from the sun (a natural sunscreen). They issue facing the ozone layer and that of increased greenhouse gases are two, albeit very important, but entirely different issues. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are on of the chemicals hazardous to the ozone layer, and it is commonly released from coolants like those used in older refrigerators and aerosol cans. The ozone layer faced its biggest crisis around 2000, but since, we have done a great job of reducing our use of harmful products, thus protecting ourselves from future sun damage.

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