How long does it take to get a rebate for purchasing an electric vehicle?



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    It actually depends on what type of car and where do you live. Online at you can put in your zip code and find all sorts of incentives and rebates in your area. You can also click on a car and find what types of rebates they will offer you. It all depends on where you live. Hope this helps! and good luck! 

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    As jchang14 said, it depends on where you live. There is a federal tax rebate for purchasing and electric vehicle, but many states offer electric vehicle rebates as well. In California, you can get a small rebate for converting an old vehicle to run on electricity. However, in Illinois, you can earn an 80% rebate on the parts you purchase for this process. Of course, fueling an electric vehicle costs less than fueling an internal combustion engine vehicle, so you will save money regardless of whether or not you get a rebate.

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