How long does it take a field with AstroTurf to pay for itself in water savings?



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    That would depend on the size of the field, what it is used for, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and how much water would have otherwise been used to irrigate it. AstroTurf, as I’m sure you know, is an artificial grass that today is mostly made from polyethylene fibers embedded in sand and rubber pellets. It was first introduced in 1965 but has undergone several changes since. Water savings are a significant factor in choosing to floor a sports facility or even a commercial lawn with the stuff; for example, at Bobcat Stadium at Southwest Texas State University, the installation of artificial turf has saved over 2 million gallons of water per year. How long it would take a particular facility to “pay for itself” naturally depends on the area being covered, the cost of the turf, and measuring those costs relative to irrigation. Unfortunately there are other environmental problems with AstroTurf beyond water usage. In 2007, for instance, questions were raised about whether AstroTurf is a potential source of lead poisoning, which led to some serious damage control efforts by the owners of the AstroTurf brand.

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