How long does it take daddy long legs eggs to hatch?



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    Daddy Long Legs belong to a family of spiders known as Opilones, or ‘harvestman’ spiders. The eggs can hatch anytime between 20 days and 6 months after being layed. Daddy Long Leg Spiders do not contain either venom glands or fangs.

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    Apparently there are actually two groups of animals known as daddy long legs, and one of them are not actually true spiders, although they are under the Arachnida class, like scorpions and mites. The first group appears to be the one UrbanUrsine referenced, the harvestmen. These are in a separate order, or form of classification, than spiders – the Opiliones are separate from the Araneae order. These are probably what you meant as they are the animals usually and most accurately reference by that nickname.


    However, the Pholicidae spider family, also known as cellar spiders, have been nicknamed by some spider scientists with the same name. These spiders’ eggs hatch after two to three weeks.

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