How long does it take for chewing gum to decompose?



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    Gum is made of non-biodegradable substances so it doesn’t decompose

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    Arguably it would NOT disintegrate naturally as today’s chewing gum is by and large non-biodegradable.

    Chewing gum is a growing problem in the local environment because it is not biodegradable and it is notoriously difficult to clean up. Public areas in Britain are plagued with millions of pieces of chewing gum which do not decompose, are unsightly, unhygienic and are a potential risk to pets and wild animals.

    It finds its way into landfill sites – and by 2010, the amount of waste gum is predicted to be 1 million tons worldwide.

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    Gum does not decompose. It is partially made from non-biodegradable substances; such as elastomers and plasticizers.

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