How long does it take a cheetah to get to their peak speed?



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         Cheetahs can go from 0 to 60mph in three seconds. A cheetah can accelerate to 40mph in three strides and reach its peak speed of 70mph in a few seconds. Cheetahs are built for sprinting, and can only run at top speed for 400 to 600 yards before they become exhausted.

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    During a chase, cheetahs can reach impressive speeds of about 70 miles per hour! They are able to accelerate at about a rate of 10 meters per second, and can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour in only three impressive strides. If you know anything about cars, a cheetah has a faster acceleration than both a Corvette Twin Turbo and a Ferrari Enzo. Now that’s fast!

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