How long does it take to charge an electric car?



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    well to be honest it depends on the car if you want a small and slow electric car it could take up to 8 hours like the highly sucsessful g-whizz which made a huge hit in britian but if you want a fast and nimble car like the american made tesla roadster it takes 30 hours from a normal household plug.

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    Most electric cars re-charge at the rate of about %20 an hour. So it takes an average of about 5 hours to fully re-charge from empty to full. Of course, it all depends also on the type, model, and speed of the car. You may want to look at the different types of cars you’re interested in separately.

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    Depends on the type/brand of EV you’re trying to charge, and more specifically what type of battery the EV has.  Just like certain cell phones take longer to charge than others, certain EV batteries charge faster/slower than others.  For example the Nissan Leaf uses a lithium-ion battery and takes 8 hours.  Other, less well-know EVs might charge much faster but have less range.  It’s a wide world of choices right now with EVs, but one thing we do know is that the battery technology will only get better, and charge times / battery ranges will only grow.

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