How long does it take carrots to grow before you can eat them?



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    Carrots can generally be harvested within three months after planting. The best way to determine if a carrot is ready to be picked or not is by examing the tops, which should be a dark and leafy green and approximately 2.5 cm at the crown.

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    It is usually recommended to thin your carrot crop about 1.5 to 2 months after planting, in order to allow them enough room to make a sizeable root.  This thinning process can give you some very tasty tiny carrots to eat well before you are planning to harvest the main crop.  It can also be a way to check on the growth progress of your carrots. 

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    You can also eat some of the crops you are thinning as baby carrots are very good.  Carrots usually mature in about 2- 3 months, and are very easy to grow.  The variety of carrot will also determine how big they will get and the soil will determine how they will grow – hard compacted soil, generally makes for crooked, stubby carrots and loose soil allows the carrots to grow straighter.

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