How long does it take a bonsai tree to get to its size?



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    Bonsai is a way of growing trees for artistic effect. It is not a particular species of tree — many are commonly used. If a tree is grown from a seed or cutting, it’s about three to five years before training can start. The tree will get as large as the grower lets it, so the answer to how after training starts until “full” size varies considerably!

    The two URLs below give quite different perspectives. The first is a “lay out lots of FAQs in as small a space as possible” approach, by a guy who is also is trying to get people to buy stuff.

    The second is much classier, isn’t trying to sell so much, and has a user forum. This is a site that expects the reader to invest more time getting to appreciate the subject.

    They’re both useful. And tempting. They remind me of the bonsai I had, which died partly because I didn’t water it regularly 🙁  I bought it at a nursery, already being trained. It was definitely beautiful to look at. A special plant.

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