How long does it take to become an archaeologist?



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    A PhD is considered necessary, thus including undergraduate studies, it could take up to nine years of study depending on how much time is devoted to a PhD dissertation. recommends the following steps:

    Step 1 – Take numerous courses in history, anthropology, geology, geography and human physiology during your undergraduate years. Your bachelor’s degree can be in history, anthropology or archaeology, depending on your school’s offerings. The field is extremely competitive, so make certain your grades are excellent.

    Step 2 – Apply to graduate schools that are currently involved in major archaeological digs. Remember that money for excavations comes from grants, and that a school must have an excellent reputation in order to receive this type of funding.

    Step 3 – Ask to work on your professors’ archaeological digs once you have begun working toward your master’s degree. Expect the work to be menial but necessary for your future.

    Step 4 – Work in museums or on local excavations, if possible, and by assisting professors during the school year.

    Step 5 – Obtain the mandatory Ph.D. as soon as you can. The degree is necessary for a university teaching position, which is what most archaeologists do when they are not involved in a dig.

    Step 6 – Make yourself known in the field by writing well enough to have your articles published in journals. That will add to your strengths when you apply for grants. It is also required of full professors.

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         Experts also recommend learning several foreign languages, since scholarly work in archaeology is not always in English. It’s also important to be able to communicate if you are excavating in a foreign country. Other useful skills include grant writing, computer aided drawing (CAD), and using GIS systems.

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