How long does E-Waste last in a landfill?



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    E-waste is a huge problem as millions of computers, and other electronic hardware is disposed of each year. E-waste contains a lot of dangerous chemicals and materials which damages the environment and it also seeps into underground water supplies which then could potentially poison people who drink that water. E-waste takes decades to be reduced. It isn’t like paper, or food garbage which can be broken down fairly quickly. And unlike food and paper waste, e-waste is very dangerous all the while it is taking to be broken down. E-waste doesn’t have to be either. Computers, monitors, etc can be reused or recycled to prevent the problme of e-waste.

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    Since e-waste is made up of very durable materials – treated plastics, metals, glass – it will last indefinitely in a landfill.  The materials’ durability is partly what makes e-waste so important to recycle, as those materials can be used again and again, instead of refining them from new raw materials. 

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