How long does a dragonfly live?



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    It depends on the species; it could be anywhere from six months to five years. Check the link for more info.

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    A dragonfly’s life is spent in three stages: Most of its life is underwater, as a nymph.  It then enters the larval stage before becoming an adult.  As larvae, a dragonfly can last as long as five years.  As adults, dragonflies live up to six months.


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    Dragonflies can live from 6 months to several years depending on the species. 

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    Dragonflies have two parts to their life cycle. As larvae they live in the water and are predacious, meaning they feed on small fishes and invertebrates like insects. This portion of their life can last up to five years, depending on the species of dragonfly.

    The second portion of the life cycle is the terrestrial part when the dragonfly crawls out of the water and develops its wings. During this time the dragonfly does not feed and only mates. The female dragonfly can drown while she is laying her eggs. Both the male and female only live about one month during the terrestrial portion of their lives.

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