How long do you think we should give Obama before we start disliking him?



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    Well personally I’m sure I’ll like Obama for a long time.  I’m a little disappointed in him, I was hoping for more drastic measures.  I wish he would just take his majority and make things happen, but unfortunately in his own way I feel he’s trying to be a good guy and make it a bipartisan government.  I do believe he’s starting to step it up though lately.  He’s realized he can’t win over people who will say no, with no reason.  I think we should be patient and see where things go.  It takes a long time to undo the messes of the past.

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    I believe that his main goals were to get healthcare reform pushed through and to deal with the economy. If he is reelected, we will see some drastic measures taken in terms of the environment, financial reform, gay and lesbian rights, and other “leftist” policies. Lets just hope he gets reelected 🙂

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    This is of course your choice, but I personally don’t think you can judge a president by their immediate results.  The true test will come over the remainder of his tenure, and we will know if he got us back on the right trajectory after he is gone.  It is your choice if you want to like, or dislike his policies, but I guess we have until he would be up for re-election to decide if we want to continue or go back to a republican.

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    You can like or dislike him whenever you wish. 

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