How long do you think before we have biofuel at every gas station?



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    I do not believe we will ever see biofuels at every gas station. This is because I feel that electric cars are the future automobiles. This is because it allows for easy adoption of any new energy source. For instance, if biofuel is perfected years from now, it can easily be adopted by the electric cars. It is an easy way to allow for any adoption of energy sources. All you have to do is change the electric grid, not millions of cars on the road. 

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    I agree with slitwac1.  There is not an easy way to turn cars that run on unleaded fuel into cars that can accept biofuels.  It would be great if we could have an entire fleet of cars that ran on renewable fuels, but I too think it will likely go toward electricity, and hopefully along with that, more solar, wind or hydroelectric electric power rather than coal power plants.

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