How long do you think it will take to use global warming as a cause of death?



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    Suicide deaths related to Global Warming have already begun to take place.

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    This is a really interesting question.  As the last post pointed out, suicides have already happened as a result of the stress of worrying that the world will end.  I do identify their justified stress, but I doubt that it will be common to list global warming as a cause of death.  Legally, it needs to be established that global warming actually killed someone.  Even though global warming causes a lot of worry, it’s hard to prove in a court that global warming itself actually kills people.  

    The horrible situation in Africa, Darfur specifically, has a lot to do with global warming.  The people of Darfur are losing their land to climate change — their farming land is becoming unusable, and water is scarce.  This is what is causing so much of the conflict.  In this case, I would definitely think it is reasonable to list global warming as a cause of death.  It’s a very tricky and interesting question.  

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