How long do you think it will take for us to start our hydrogen car market?



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    I think it will take a very long time and a lot of technological advances before hydrogen cars to enter the market.  This is because of the inherent dangers in production.  If anything goes wrong in the manufacturing process, explosions and other dangers can result. Currently, making a hydrogen car is extremely expensive.  To mass produce these cars would take an enormous amount of money.  Also, many people don’t feel comfortable driving with what is essentially a hydrogen bomb as their engine.  This is just what I have heard from talking with people about these cars.  

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    I think that it will take a long time for hydrogen cars to enter the market because it is very hard to store hydrogen safely. I recently just saw a hydrogen car prototype in New York and it looked really neat. It was so nice to finally see a car without mufflers. Too bad it was a government official driving the car 🙂

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