How long do you think it will take Fisker to sell 1 million cars?



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    Personally I think it will take a long time. Fisker is a small automobile company located in California. If you think it’s odd that an American car maker should be located anywhere other than Detroit, consider this: Fisker only designs and markets cars, and outsources all the manufacturing, although it has announced an intention to build a plant in Delaware. Fisker’s products are pretty exclusive. The Karma, its first and to date only car, is a luxury sports car that retails for about $87,000. The NINA, a plug-in hybrid that Fisker intends to market beginning in 2014 (and for which they received a $529 million loan from the Department of Energy), will go for about $39,000 a pop, much less but still on the spendy side. By comparison, the Toyota Prius, the best-selling hybrid in the western world today, retails in the $26,000 range, which is probably why the Prius has sold over 1,000,000 cars. But keep in mind that it’s taken over 8 years to sell that many Priuses. At a higher price point, smaller distribution and certainly much smaller market penetration that Fisker will have compared to the world’s largest automaker, I predict it will take a lot longer, if ever, for Fisker to sell 1,000,000 cars.

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